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Giro G9: extremely light and comfortable!

One of the most important things to consider while selecting sports equipment is safety - you want something that can guarantee protection for your vital organs, including your head. Choosing the right helmet can not only improve your performance; it can literally save your life.

The Giro G9 is an ingenious synthesis of cutting-edge form and practical function. Being one of the safest and most stylish choices for a snowboarding or ski helmet, it isn't a wonder that it's the best-selling snow helmet. The G9 is perfect for daredevils who want to try challenging terrain (even for beginners who need to learn a little more about balance).

Uniquely engineered to be sleek and lightweight, this helmet is extremely durable and surprisingly strong. In case you experience an accident, it can effectively shield your skull from the effects of a collision. This is due to Giro's trademark In-Mold Construction: It's a brilliant innovation that combines a sturdy polycarbonate outer frame with a shock-absorbent foam lining. It greatly reduces the force of any impact and provides extraordinary protection. As you plan for your next round of winter sports, you might want to look forward to those advanced slopes or new stunts with more confidence and less fear. Consider shopping for a Giro G9 ski helmet; you can buy one from a Sports Equipment store or conveniently order one online.

Giro G9Aside from superior safety, the Giro also offers you optimum comfort and the most perfect fit possible. All of Giro's latest high-end helmets, including the G9, are designed with the patented In-Form fit system. The In-Form allows you to have a snug, personalized fit that follows the shape of your head, whether you wear a small size or an extra-large ski helmet. The convenient adjustment dial at the base allows you to quickly and effortlessly modify the fit any time you want to. What's more, the ergonomic dial can be manipulated easily, even while you're wearing thick winter gloves. As you turn the dial, a pad at the back portion of the base conforms to your head's unique shape, enabling a cozy, gap-free fit. The vertical positioning can also be set to exactly the way you want it, simply by shifting the helmet forward or backward. These easy-adjustment features can be particularly handy, for example, when you've just had a haircut, or need your ski helmet to accommodate a new pair of goggles. No need to settle for uncomfortable, awkwardly-fitting helmets!

Giro G9The G9 not only protects you at the event of a crash; it also keeps your head warm through cold climate - you can stay delighfully toasty even at 0 degrees. It blocks out the chill and maintains warmth. It has 15 Cool Vents that allow sufficient air circulation; these help to keep your noggin ventilated as you make your ascent. If the air gets colder, you can use the Weatherstrip vent plugs included with this helmet.

To perform your best on the slopes, you would need a ski helmet that doesn't weigh you down. Some people think that wearing one is too much of a burden, so they opt to wear knit caps that provide neither protection nor warmth (Just so you know, that's not a good idea). But there is no need to sacrifice safety for convenience: at only 1.8 pounds, the it is extremely light and comfy. It would feel like an extension of yourself - you might even forget you were wearing it!

Fashion and form don't need to be ditched for practical function either. This helmet not only provides you with exceptional protection; it has a sleek, streamlined design that lets you look your best while being at your best. It's an understatedly stylish unisex helmet. It also happens to be available in various colors.

Now, before you head out for winter sports (or any sport, for that matter), don't scrimp on safety gear; you would want to come home with your skull and brain intact. Get yourself a good helmet that gives you maximum comfort, superb protection and tasteful style. The Giro G9 is available from the local Giro dealer or from high-end Sports Supplies stores; it can even be ordered online at the convenience of your own home.