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Giro Helmet Sizing For the First Time Buy

Giro helmet sizing is represented by a wide line of the finest quality and durability ski and bicycle helmets' line that you can buy. The most popular models providing the best fit and easy adjustable straps for the most of the first time Giro buyers are Girl G9 and Giro G10 models for skiers and Giro Hex for cyclists.
When it comes to sizing for Giro G you only need to know the approximate size of your head. The rest of the sizing issues for making an order of this ski helmet will be easily taken care of upon purchase. This helmet model is very snug so you'll feel cozy in this close-fitting headpiece. The only problem that may arise is the fact that the chin strap is a bit short, but this is compensated by a tight fitting gear after all. The great quality and toughness of the material of this helmet will make it the best possible head protection. In these helmets you can safely go conquering the roughest terrains and black-marked skiing routes. With these helmets you are investing into some additional adrenaline in your life.

Helmet sizing for Giro G is not a problem either because this ski helmet is equipped with quick size adjustment mechanism. This extremely warm headpiece not only blocks the wind and traps the heat inside. With a 14 vents system your head will be perfectly comfortable getting the right balance of warmth and ventilation. Think a built-in "cruise control" in your helmet – this is precisely what you are getting with Giro. This is one cool-looking helmet, too. It allows you to choose the best fitting helmet for you so that you'd be able to sport the looks that kill on the snowy hills. You, on the other hand are also buying great protection and considerably lowering your chances of getting killed on a rough skiing route. Even if you take a direct blow on the head or fall headfirst on a rock while wearing a Giro ski helmet you'll be well-protected by this gear.
The dedicated cyclists and laid-off skiers who opt for cycling during the warmer part of the year do not have to part with the favorite gear especially after the perfect fit from the Giro helmet sizing had been found. The Giro Hex is an excellent bike helmet that will leave you totally satisfied with the buy. It might seem a little too tight, but that's the idea behind this helmet. It also grant you perfect ventilation, which becomes the key nagging problem with almost any other bike helmet you can find on the market. The materials most of the other bike helmets are made from are easily overheated when you are riding in the sun and they are not tough or durable. Giro Hex is a total opposite of such helmets. It has outstanding ventilation – while wearing this helmet you are quite likely to forget you are wearing a helmet altogether. The close fit and ventilation of Giro Hex are astounding.
You can order it as well as matching Giro goggles, gloves and shoes on-line or buy it in a sports shop nearest to you. Giro helmet sizing and as well as the accessories sizing won't have to be much of a problem during an ordering procedure. The Giro shoes sizing matches the standard shoe dimensions perfectly so you can order those without ever looking back.
If you are still too nervous about making a first on-line order and making the right choice while dealing with Giro helmet sizing stresses you out there is a cheat-sheet available for you. You can download a special PDF file on the Web, which had been prepared by Giro specially for situations like this. It contains four color strips which you need to print out (using ZERO scaling is a crucial point here) and then carefully cut out with scissors. You'll notice that each of the pieces is marked by letters A, B, C or D.
After you have cut them out you need to join them using glue or transparent glue-tape in an alphabetical order. You'll get a long paper ruler marked with corresponding Giro helmet sizing on it. Now align the ruler according to the instructions printed on the same cheat-sheet and then just wrap the paper ruler around your head and ask someone to mark the point where the other size of the ruler makes a complete circle. In the place of the mark you'll find a name of the best fitting helmet model and size for you.